Selling your Motorhome Safely

Selling your motorhome can be easy. We want to ensure that you have the knowledge to ensure that your experience of selling your motorhome is as safe, secure and hassle-free as possible.

Selling your motorhome through Venture couldn't be more straightforward, and takes all of the stress out of selling. Take a look at our Selling your Motorhome page for more information on the options which we offer. From before sale vehicle checks to taking payments, please take a look through our tips to sell your motorhome safely with confidence, and get the price that your motorhome is worth.


Before Selling

You want to ensure that you are getting the best price for your motorhome. Take a look at our Preparing your Motorhome page for tips on presenting your motorhome. Be honest about the condition of your motorhome when writing descriptions or speaking with prospective buyers. This will result in less viewings and test drives which don’t lead to a sale due to inaccurate expectations.

It is worthwhile doing some research to see what similar models are selling for to gain an idea of the price that you can expect. Motorhomes vary considerably, so ensure that you adjust the price according to the the condition, mileage, and any modifications which you have made to your vehicle.

Arrange any necessary vehicle checks with reputable dealers. At Venture we will be happy to arrange this.

Make sure that you include as much information as possible when listing your motorhome, as this is the initial information which will take the interest of potential buyers.


Fraudulent Buyers and Taking Payments Safely

Avoid being caught out by scammers by being aware of the signs of fraudulent buyers posing as prospective purchasers.

Always ensure that you have the funds in your bank account before releasing your vehicle – don’t be pressured, as a legitimate buyer won’t mind waiting. Your bank will not honour fraudulent drafts, so ensure that a cheque is genuine ans has been 'given value' before you let a buyer take your vehicle. Be wary of buyers who wish to view your vehicle outside of banking hours. If you are taking a cash payment, it's a good idea to do so in a bank where notes can be checked, and the money can be paid in to your account immediately.

One of the safest ways to receive payment, both for you and your buyer, is via online bank transfer. This avoids either party handling large amounts of cash, and the various problems associated with cheques.


Internet Safety

There are numerous websites which will allow you to advertise your motorhome. Exercise caution when using the internet to sell your motorhome, as there are a number of ways that your information may be stolen. Using an up to date web browser, and blocking spam emails using a spam filter should help you to avoid identity theft. Always use a secure password, using a combination of letters, numbers and characters, and avoid using passwords which may be easy to guess. Always be careful about the personal information which you give away online, both when signing up to websites and when advertising your motorhome.


Test Drives

A buyer will want to take your motorhome out for a test drive before they hand over their money. It is your responsibility to check the prospective purchaser’s insurance and licence before letting them drive your motorhome. Be knowledgeable about your own insurance policy – the buyer will only be covered on your policy if it is arranged for any driver, or if the buyer is a named driver. Be aware that their policy is likely to only cover 3rd party risks. The buyer may need to have taken an additional driving test if your vehicle is over a designated weight so be sure to do your research.


After Sale

Never release your vehicle before the money has cleared into your account. You will also need to let the DVLA know that you are no longer the registered keeper of the motorhome, and ensure you get confirmation of change of ownership from the DVLA.

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