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1. Do you need a special driving licence to drive a motorhome?


Generally speaking not, most motorhomes are covered under your standard car licence, if you are thinking of something bigger then you may need to check, Please visit the following website for more information on the limitations of your driving licence: http://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/helpandadvice/gettingstarted/newtomotorhomes/motorhomesandthelaw/

2. Is the insurance expensive?


These vehicles are classed as low risk and the insurance is very reasonable, approximately £250 - £500.

3. Do you show me how everything on the vehicle works?


We do a thorough despatch on your day of collection, which takes approximately an hour. Furthermore, we are always on hand beyond your collection for any extended help needed.

4. Are your vans checked before they're sold?


Each motorhome comes with a Mechanical and Habitational Service and MOT if required.

5. Do your motorhomes come with any kind of warranty?


Our motorhomes/caravans come with our own warranty which is between 3 and 12 months.

6. Do you sell accessories?


We have a large selection of accessories available both in store and online, and can offer delivery to your home, work or campsite.

7. What kind of gas do motorhomes and caravans use?

You can use either propane or butane gas in your vehicle.

8. Can I use appliances from home, or do I need to buy special items?

You can use applicances from home i.e. microwave, kettle and TV as the ‘vans have the capability to be 'hooked-up' to mains electric on sites, or alternatively some appliances can run off a generator.

9. What if I forget how to use the controls?

You can call us after your collection of your van and we will be pleased to help you over the phone with any issues you have.

10. Can I have extras fitted to a pre-owned van?
Most extras can be retro-fitted please discuss this with us.
11. Do you take part-exchanges?
A. Yes we offer part exchnage and can take cars, caravans and even motorbikes.
12. Can you provide any help with financing the purchase?


We offer a very competitive finance package and can usually confirm and provide finance within a few minutes.

13. What kind of deposit would secure the purchase?

We treat each customer as individuals and this can be discussed and arranged to suit you.

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