Preparing your Motorhome

Thinking of upgrading your motorhome? Read through our tips to prepare your motorhome to ensure you get the maximum value from your sale.


If you decide to sell your motorhome with us via our brokerage scheme, we will prepare your motorhome for sale to our own professional standards. If you are looking for an immediate cash sale, either privately or with us here at Venture, it’s worthwhile putting in some time and effort to prepare your motorhome for sale. Whether this entails a thorough clean and polish, or having your motorhome professionally valeted, you can improve your chances of getting the maximum value for your motorhome as buyers will be prepared to spend more of their money on a well presented motorhome.
Below, we have suggested some points to consider when preparing your motorhome for sale.



Thoroughly clean the inside of your motorhome. It might not be brand new, but you will see more interest in a motorhome which looks as though it has been loved and well cared for. Hoover, dust, polish, de-clutter and add an air freshener to help to freshen everything up. De-grease the kitchen area, clean the washroom and do your best to remove any stains or marks. Check that all internal facilities are working correctly, and arrange for any repairs or replacements if not.




Clean and polish the exterior of your motorhome, as this will offer the first impression to potential buyers. Do your best to rectify any scratches or chips, and replace any dented or damaged wheel trims. Fix any minor faults, and replace missing badges. Ensure that all of the electrics are working. Check the water and oil levels and tyre pressure, and top up if necessary. These are areas that prospective buyers will check, and questions will be asked if the levels are low.




Gather all paperwork related to your motorhome. This includes, but isn’t limited to, the MOT certificate, service book, the V5C certificate, any receipts for work which has been done, and manuals for any appliances or accessories. Organise all of your paperwork in a folder, and include a spare key if you have one. You want to reassure potential buyers that you have taken care of your vehicle.




If the MOT expires within the next 6 months, arrange to have a new one done to reassure potential buyers that there are no mechanical problems with your motorhome. A habitation check is also a good idea, along with a certificate of safety to reassure prospective buyers that there isn't anything wrong with the gas, electric and water facilities.

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