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We want your Motorhome, Campervan or Caravan! If you are looking to sell, with Venture Vehicles it couldn’t be easier. We offer two options for selling your Vehicle with us 1: immediate cash sale, or 2: our ever popular brokerage selling scheme.


Brokerage Selling Scheme




Let us sell your Motorhome or Caravan for you completely fee free.


All we ask is the opportunity to advertise your vehicle for a minimum of 8 weeks, after this time you are free to collect it at any time without any preparation or advertising costs whatsoever !!!


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Also known as ‘sale or return’, our brokerage scheme has been growing in popularity in recent years and offers a very easy way to sell your motorhome or caravan for the best possible return. Under this arrangement, we will sell your vehicle on your behalf, taking all of the stress out of selling. This is the most popular option for people looking for the best value for their vehicle and not needing an immediate cash sale.


If you choose to sell your motorhome via our brokerage selling scheme, we will prepare your vehicle to our own professional standard, it will then be displayed alongside our own vehicles at our premises, on our website, Autotrader & our Ebay Showroom in exactly the same way. Once your vehicle has been sold, you will receive a pre-arranged amount. This amount will be agreed in writing with you from the outset and will be considerably higher than if a dealer bought it from you outright.


There are many key benefits to using our brokerage selling scheme:

  • Your motorhome will be displayed on our premises, ensuring exposure to a large camping and caravaning audience..... Saving you costs for storage and advertising, etc.
  • Your motorhome will be advertised on the top 4 uk motohome buying websites, including our own ensuring the best exposure to the maximum possible audience.
  • Avoid time wasters coming to your house for viewings.
  • No need to haggle with buyers or worry about fraudulent payments.
  • Part exchanges accepted by ourselves and full value passed to you.
  • We can offer finance options and our own warranty package to buyers.
  • Ensure buyer confidence in purchasing from a reputable dealer, increasing the chance of a sale and the best possible return for your vehicle.
  • We can arrange for any required work to be completed, e.g. MOT's, mechanical services and habitation checks if required.
  • You receive a great price, and more money than if you sold outright to a dealer.


Immediate Cash Sale


If you would like to sell your motorhome to us here at Venture, please contact us with details of your vehicle. If we are interested, we will offer you an estimated valuation. You will then be asked to bring the vehicle to our premises for inspection, and to collect payment (this is more often than not via a bank transfer).

We will normally ask you the following questions to determine the amount which we will offer you for your motorhome:

  • How long MOT is left?
  • Does the motorhome have a full service history?
  • When was the motorhome last habitationally serviced?
  • How many owners has the motorhome had?
  • What is the current mileage?
  • What condition is the interior/exterior of the vehicle in?

The biggest advantage to choosing an immediate cash sale when selling your motorhome is that you will receive your money instantly, rather than when the van is sold on to the new customer. This option is risk free and takes the hassle out of selling.


Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that we will buy your motorhome, but we will give you a quick and fair decision following your enquiry. We can usually give you an initial estimate of value without even seeing your vehicle.

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