Let the Adventure begin
Let the Adventure begin

Nu Venture is a British brand specialising in the design and manufacture of compact yet practical motorhomes, whilst retaining qualities of attractiveness and comfort.

Compact exterior, functional interior

Nu Venture aim to meet the needs of a consumer base that requires coach-built motorhomes, which maintain compact dimensions. As a result Nu Venture have had to be smart about their interior design and layout to ensure maximum functionality where space is tight. The outcome is careful attention to detail, with practicality at the forefront. Large side windows and Heki roof vents ensure that the motorhomes receive the greatest amount of natural light, making them feel open and airy. Carefully placed storage, fold down worktops and swivelling toilets all contribute to condensed practicality.

Minimum size, maximum quality

Nu Venture’s attentiveness doesn’t end with dimensions and functionality. Compact dimensions and the focus on practicality don’t compromise the quality either of design or the materials that are used. Nu Venture has a coveted ability to incorporate modern design and affordability into their motorhomes. The use of contemporary styling and quality materials results in an exciting range of superior, well-finished motorhomes.

Practical and affordable

In Nu Venture motorhomes everything has been considered and their compact format makes them easy to drive and handle. The condensed characteristics of Nu Venture motorhomes makes them ideal for solo travellers and couples, with larger, 4-berth models also being created to cater for families and groups. These motorhomes are economical to run and come at an affordable price.

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